The Dead Sexy Club - The new baby of Boudoir Noir - The Dead Sexy Club! The new baby of Boudoir Noir - The Dead Sexy Club! For the first time at Podium Duycker we will present you a party with all kinds of underground music for all kinds of people! Everybody is welcome to celebrate a hot night with groovy music and ultra sexy shows! The whole night the vinyl junkies Pietertje Pep & Profundo P are at your service , surrounded by the lovely stagekitten Miss Rox, the international burlesque starlets Miss Eva Blue from Czech Republic, known for her acrobatic and freaky skills and Xarah von den Vielenregen from Germany, the winner of the Milan Burlesque Award 2013, “Most Classic” at the Alabama Burlesque Festival and chosen as no. 5 of the top burlesque performers in Europe! All this excitement will be announced by Mr Weird Beard, known from the Titty Twister on Lowlands, the Parksessions in Haarlem and also the resident host oft the International Burlesque Circus in Utrecht. The whole party will be visualized with hot sixties b-movies and more. 
Dirty disco - popcorn - jumpjazz - garage punk - blues trash - soulful blues rockers - country blues bops - blues burners - craaaazy R'n'Bs - stormin' texas rhythms - crazy vocals with jungle noise - great jump blues twin spin obscurity - solid R&B blues shouter - dirty blues - rockabilly -surf - 60's garage beat - sleazy soul garage - horny-hammond - rock'n'roll

Energieweg 10
9743 AN Groninge